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Fantastic Four Movie

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Fantastic Four Movie

Fantastic Four Movie news

Rumored CAPTAIN MARVEL Villain Ben Mendelsohn Says Playing Doctor Doom Would Be A Dream Role
Ben Mendelsohn is rumored to be playing the main villain in Brie Larson's Captain Marvel (possibly Kly'bn) but it's another comic villain that would be a dream role for the Rogue One actor.

The FANTASTIC FOUR And X-MEN May Finally Come To The MCU As Fox Looks To Sell Movie Studio To Disney
Well, it's fair to say none of us saw this coming! 21st Century Fox has been in talks with Disney to sell its movie studio and that means the Fantastic Four and X-Men characters would return to Marvel...

Matthew Vaughn Wants To Atone For 2015's FANTASTIC FOUR By Making A New Version
Matthew Vaughn was a producer on Josh Trank's failed Fantastic Four reboot back in 2015 and the Kingsman: The Golden Circle director has now revealed that he'd like to take a crack at the franchise.

FANTASTIC FOUR Kid-Centric Spinoff Rumored To Be A Reworking Of Mark Millar's KINDERGARTEN HEROES
There's been a rumor doing the rounds regarding a Fantastic Four spinoff that would focus on Franklin and Valeria Richards, and now we might just have a few more details to go on. More past the jump...

The Thing Actor Jamie Bell Calls FANTASTIC FOUR A "Bitter Disappointment"
Josh Trank's reboot of Fantastic Four was a critical and commercial failure and the cast haven't shied away from criticising it in the years since. Now, Jamie Bell is the latest to take aim at the movie!

Jonathan Hickman Confirms Marvel Cancelled The FANTASTIC FOUR Comics Over Film Rights
Marvel has denied for the longest that they cancelled their long-running Fantastic Four comic series over a dispute with 20th Century Fox about film rights but Jonathan Hickman is saying otherwise.

DOCTOR STRANGE Actor Mads Mikkelsen Might Be Interested In Playing DOCTOR DOOM In Noah Hawley's Movie
We known Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange) didn't have a great experience while auditioning for the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, but might he be interested in giving the Doctor Doom solo film a shot?...

From MCU SKRULLS To DOCTOR DOOM: The 10 Biggest Reveals From SDCC '17
Another SDCC has come and gone and it certainly did not disappoint. WB's DCEU film slate was set, a solo Doctor Doom film was revealed and it seems the Skrulls have been in the MCU for decades!

DOCTOR DOOM Solo Movie In Development At 20th Century Fox With LEGION Creator Noah Hawley
Well, this came out of nowhere! Just as the Legion panel was winding down at SDCC, Noah Hawley announced that he's developing a solo Doctor Doom movie for 20th Century Fox. Click on for the details...

Could The FANTASTIC FOUR Return To Marvel Studios? Kevin Feige Provides An Answer
Following the critical and commercial failure of 2015's Fantastic Four movie, fans have been hoping and praying that Reed Richards and company might return to Marvel Studios. Is it going to happen, though?

Marvel Releases A Touching "Remembering Joan Lee" Tribute Video
Stan Lee recounts to Joe Quesada the tale of how he met his wife (Joan Lee) right after he exited the United States Army and how her advice contributed to the creation of the Fantastic Four.

X-MEN Studio 20th Century Fox Dates Six Untitled MARVEL Movies - Is One Of Them X-FORCE Or FANTASTIC FOUR?
With 2018 all mapped out, 20th Century Fox is already looking ahead a little further and has booked potential release dates for not one, not two, but SIX untitled Marvel/Fox films. Come take a look!

RUMOR: New FANTASTIC FOUR Movie In Development At Fox; Will Have Kid-Friendly Slant
It seems Fox is determined to keep those Fantastic Four film rights from Marvel as a fresh rumor insinuates that the studio is working on a new cinematic take for Marvel's First Family...

DOCTOR STRANGE Actor Mads Mikkelsen Was Up For Role In FANTASTIC FOUR, But Walked Out Of His Audition
Mads Mikkelsen is still many people's pick to play Doctor Doom in a Fantastic Four movie, and it turns out he actually was up for a role in Josh Trank's 2015 reboot, before bailing on his audition...

Toby Kebbell Slams Fox's Depiction Of Doctor Doom; Will Return To Role If Marvel Get The Rights Back
Kong: Skull Island star Toby Kebbell makes it clear that he wasn't happy with the Doctor Doom he was given in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four and expresses a desire to play a real version of him...

Simon Kinberg Says Fox Won't Make Another FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Until They Get It "100% Right"
Fantastic Four writer and producer Simon Kinberg has shed some light on the future of the franchise and whether or not we'll see an alternate cut of Josh Trank's critically panned reboot from 2015...

Scott Derrickson Really Wants The FANTASTIC FOUR Back Home At Marvel
Doctor Strange director Scott Derickson thinks the Fantastic Four deserve another (cinematic) shot, and would love to see Marvel's First Family back home and in among the MCU's Phase Four slate.

Stan Lee Reveals Least Favorite Marvel Movie Character; Talks More About Zendaya In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING
Stan "The Man" Lee normally has nothing but good things to say about Marvel movies regardless of which studio they hail from, but he didn't like the way this particular character was portrayed back in 2005.

Kate Mara Is Willing To Return As Sue Storm For A FANTASTIC FOUR Sequel
While fans aren't exactly screaming for a sequel to Josh Trank's Fant4stic, another cast member has now expressed their desire to reprise their role, though maybe not in the exact same way...

FANTASTIC FOUR Screenwriter Jeremy Slater Reveals His Original Epic Plans For The Reboot
Fantastic Four screenwriter Jeremy Slater has shed some light on his original script for the reboot, confirming the presence of characters like Annihilus, Galactus, Mole Man, Silver Surfer, and more...

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